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Imagine the value of communicating
more effectively and easily with your ensemble members.  Email lists that don’t require updating, leader blogs that push important information directly to your members, and conversations about a song that stay linked to that song...



Enjoy easy music library management
with your latest repertoire changes and learning tracks available for your musicians to access online, anytime. Connect a seating chart / riser placement to each song, and track your musicians’ progress and skill development...



Picture the impact a beautiful,
contemporary public-facing website with easy-to-add current content would have on your group’s reputation and reach. Add to that easy image editing and dynamic news & events content and your ensemble could soon see its name in lights...



Watch engagement rise
as your members begin to interact organically on your members-only site through discussion boards and commenting, and as leaders proactively answer member questions outside of rehearsal in a searchable forum...


Technology for today's Music Directors & Leaders

It was the late 90's and Tom Metzger, singer and coach, was directing a chorus. That's how it all man, directing a group of singers, wishing that he had a set of tools designed to meet both his needs as a director, and the needs of the members of his chorus. Fast-forward to today and the world of Groupanizer – the all-in-one-place music group management software designed for directors, conductors, managers, leaders, teachers, administrators, and members. 

Save time

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheet creation and management, farewell to important information lost in piles of paper and emails, and adios to risky Lone Ranger administrators. Groupanizer gathers member input such as planned attendance, song status, and assigned task progress and displays the data in easy-to-read reports. Know what you need to know, at a glance, in one place.

Organization tools designed for music groups 

No more square peg products manipulated into a quarter note shaped hole. The growing set of integrated features included with your subscription allows you to organize and manage your leaders, members, music, rehearsals, performances, and more. It's simply the right tool for the job!

Set expectations and see results

Gone are the "I didn't know" excuses. We created an environment purpose-built for leader input and member engagement, so your expectations can be set, seen, and acknowledged. Results are immediately visible and trends can be identified and acted upon.



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What Clients Say

I am continually impressed with the positive, helpful and knowledgable staff. Stacey has been very helpful.  I appreciate the quick response to questions or issues, whether by phone or email.  I am also appreciative of the helpful ideas to make our site better visually and interactively. 

Joy Colclough

The Groupanizer team has made it so easy for us to update our public site. Stacey is AWESOME - answering any questions we had and giving us great tips to make our site a dynamic site that will attract viewers - and hopefully new members, fans, and performances. The YouTube public site training videos are fantastic. I... Full Testimonial

Bea Knaapen

Any time I had a question or needed assistance on how to do something, my questions were answered and many times I was directed to on line tutorials to help me through the process.

Very pleased with the Centum theme.

Rich Tatum

We liked the various templates from which we were able to choose. They are so much more up-to-date than our hand-created site. The site just looks so much fresher and modern. It's going to be great to allow the quartets to post their own information and upcoming performances and I love the way we can update a block of... Full Testimonial

Peggy Adams

I have worked with several different content management systems. (including one of the big boys) Groupanizer's configuration for our smart public site had an easy learning curve and was very forgiving of the mistakes I made along the way. I don't remember it crashing on me even once. My developer was competent and... Full Testimonial

Marilyn Swantkowski-Hughes

What a fabulous experience! I never would have thought that I personally could have tackled a new website. Thanks to the incredible technical support (and patience) of Groupanizer staff, we have a site that is clean and easy to navigate. This year we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary and we have a new website we are... Full Testimonial

Carol Olson
Managing Director

Our Groupanizer website is beautiful and functional. It was very important to us that our new website be mobile-friendly, clean looking and above all, it needed to have that wow factor. Groupanizer helped us accomplish that at a low cost. Their team was also very responsive to our questions and requests.

Implementing Groupanizer within our organization was the single best administrative decision we have made in years.  The team at Groupanizer worked tirelessly with us to make sure we could get as much value from their service as possible.  It's very straightforward in it's design, and elegant in it's presentation.  It... Full Testimonial

The Groupanizer staff is amazing and is a truly dedicated and talented group of people. I have enjoyed working with them, getting to know them, and bugging them with every little thing! The response time is always quick turn-around and when they're unable to answer they at least let me know they were seeking out a... Full Testimonial

Mary Mantis

We love the site and have enjoyed working with the support staff. Stacey and Sharlene rock! it was very easy to add content and should be a breeze to maintain. We love the look and can't wait to share it. Thanks so much.

“Our Groupanizer site ( has seen a huge increase in membership questions.  Women are asking “where is the nearest chorus so I can join?” Four new members in 6 weeks!!"

-Y Meyer, SAI Region 26, Marketing Coordinator

Y Meyer
Marketing Coordinator

Our previous public site was static and not very easy to change. With the new Groupanizer Smart Site, we now have a very "eye" catching" and functional public face that is bound to attract more attention. And it is very easy to make changes, additions and corrections. Thanks to Kari for her training and Stacey for... Full Testimonial

R. F. Miller and Jim Frye
Joint Webmasters

The Groupanizer team was awesome- as an individual with limited technical experience, they assisted me with every detail- no question was too simple.  The orientation session was very helpful and having only one point of contact/email string made the project more focused. Our website is now a stronger reflection of who... Full Testimonial

Marketing/communications coordinator

"The new public websites offered by Groupanizer are GREAT! They are easy to configure and setup. Working with the staff at Groupanizer is wonderful. They are responsive and quick to fix. Thanks Groupanizer for making a great product!"

Karla F
Technology/Communications Manager

"After having my [public site] tutorial with Kari, I felt confident that I would be able to add content to our new site. She gave me all the key information so that I understood how the site was put together. I really enjoyed watching the pages become our own. Thank you, Groupanizer. I am very pleased with the result... Full Testimonial

Lisa Hunszinger
Director, Website Creator

A Cappella Showcase is delighted with our new [public] website. This is a very efficient process. The site was ready in record time compared to previous experiences with web developers. The best part is the ease of populating the site after Groupanizer had the bones of it in place.

It is a very user-friendly... Full Testimonial

Joan Yearsley
President, Site Administrator

"Is your site losing its lustre? We recommend you hop on board Groupanizer. Kari and Tom will take you on a ride of your lifetime. This dynamic duo will walk you through the process of actually moving all of the hard work you put in to the old site and they will work their magic and create for you a new and exciting... Full Testimonial

Sheryl Beach
Marketing Coordinator, Management Team Member

"I was/am a complete novice around websites and I have been able to make this website happen with the amazing support and assistance of the Groupanzer team. In most cases, I was able to work through the various screens and procedures myself but, when I ran into difficulties or had questions, the team was there to help.... Full Testimonial

Elaine Liebalt
Assistant Director, Site Administrator, Past Board Member

"Groupanizer has helped us deliver a fantastic public site. They have taken our specifications and met each one ensuring our site meets the needs of our chorus now and in the future. We wanted a fresh looking modern site that will ensure we show people how much fun we have, not only for people who may want to join us,... Full Testimonial

Katrina Te Punga
Site Administrator/PR Coordinator

"I have found Groupanizer, and Kari & Tom, to be wonderfully helpful, efficient and completely responsive to any and ALL of my MANY, MANY questions throughout the process of designing our new website! Being a novice at any webmaster responsibilities, I was definitely scared to start the process, but they were there... Full Testimonial

Kathy Amaral
Team Coordinator, Webmaster

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Groupanizer is a feature-rich Music Group Management System (Choral & Instrumental Ensemble Management System) designed by and for music administrators, directors, and members - allowing for better communication, easier group organization, and effective music resource management... all in one place.

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